Signal Hill Estates


Community that draws you in

Located in the idyllic hill country of Bee Cave, Texas, Signal Hill Estates derives its name from a nearby promontory that was used by early settlers for a signaling pyre that connected communities over great distances. It’s that same spirit of connecting neighbors that lies at the heart of Signal Hill Estates.

Signal Hill Estates pulls at you, enticing neighbors out of their homes, into purposeful community. It calls you to a place of refuge across the frontier of busy schedules, processed foods, screen-time and abandoned resolutions. A refuge where everything about the fabric of the neighborhood is set up to slow down and share life with friends.



The Ideal Location for Every lifestyle



Hamilton Pool and hiking right around the corner.

whole foods.jpg


Whole Foods and Hill Country Galleria



Explore trails next door and throughout hill country.


Lake Travis

Boating, water-sports and sunbathing at your doorstep.


Great Schools

Exemplary Lake Travis schools with a 9+ rating



acre lots situated around open community space

We believe that cramming houses into small lots bordered by uninspiring plastic playground equipment and fast-food restaurants disconnects people from each other and a fuller life. With minimum lot sizes of one acre, Signal Hill Estates was developed to change that.



Quality homes from the best luxury builders



Imagine life at signal hill Estates


Imagine tree houses that integrate into the beautiful natural setting and inspire the imagination in the same way that Swiss Family Robinson did for us as children. Imagine land set aside for organic produce gardens managed by a professional organic gardener. Imagine a community where fresh produce is delivered to your door, where classes are taught on sustainable farming, and where neighbors spontaneously gather in a beautiful hill country setting.

Imagine community picnics with food trucks, open air farmer markets, and celebrations under beautiful oak trees lit by strings of Edison bulbs and provisioned with produce picked with your family that very day. Imagine telling your neighbors you will meet them at the Bridge Tree House at 6pm with all of the kids for a sunset picnic.

Imagine a life at Signal Hill Estates.




Thank you for your interest in Signal Hill Estates! Please tell us how we can assist you in joining our community.